Bloody Mary Podcast

In Episode 27 Ashley Ray-Harris discusses her favorite horror movie, Sisters. Ashley writes for the AV Club, performs stand up comedy in Chicago. Kristin and Ashley discussed the themes within Sisters including mental health, controlling relationships, and the roles women are sometimes forced into. Are you a Grace or a Danielle? Listen and find out!

AirGo Podcast

Ashley Ray is open. The comedian, writer, and cultural critic shares the stories, questions, insecurities, and challenges many of us struggle to ask about relationships, monogamy, and sexuality, and spins them hilariously toward a liberatory perspective. In addition to doing standup all over Chicago, she writes about television for the Onion, and has a day job where she spins your public data into profit.

Classroom Crush

Rebecca is finally back in Chicago and might feel empty?? Thankfully she’s joined by the hilarious and lovely Ashley Ray this week, so things can’t be that bad. She’s telling Rebecca about RAMSEY, the cool new kid at her high school. Rebecca is talking about “MARIO”, a slightly aspirationally popular crush. How was Ashley the Meredith Grey of her friend group? Why did social boys make us feel like losers? How did we use musical journalism to woo hotties? There’s many things to quickly unpack. PLUS: beach blowjobs, boys who ghost and still engage with your friggen online content, being fetishized but also being horny for Boston accents, and so much more. This ep is short and sweet, just like most of Rebecca’s romantic